At last, the ugly truth revealed

We’ve heard all the Tories’ lies and false promises.
Now the latest research* on the cuts to Sure Start reveal the ugly truths:
Over 47 Sure Start centres will be closed within the next year alone
And 89% of councils are cutting funding for the service

What does this mean for children and parents across the UK?

No access to safe, outside play
Reduced parental support
Increased risk of Post Natal Depression
No access to literacy and numeracy schemes (and their free creche)
A return to the bad old days of unfairness – as once again only those with spare money can afford to stimulate their kids
Lack of faith in the potential of ALL kids
A fractured society where communities don’t gain tolerance and understanding of each other

It also proves we have a prime minister we cannot believe in. Here’s a little reminder why:

“I want not just to repeat our commitment to keep Sure Start. But to set out how we will improve Sure Start.”
David Cameron, Supporting Parents speech, 11 January 2010,

“We are strongly committed to Sure Start Children’s Centres”
David Cameron, National Childbirth Trust message (pre-election)

Questioner: As a parent who relies heavily on Sure Start centres for the educational and social needs of my child, I would like to know whether these centres will continue to receive funding?
David Cameron: Yes, we back Sure Start. It’s a disgrace that Gordon Brown has been trying to frighten people about this. He’s the Prime Minister of this country but he’s been scaring people about something that really matters.
The Independent, 5 May 2010

These broken promises are an insult to people who listened in good faith. And a warning that, beyond all doubt, our children’s futures are not safe in Tory hands.

*conducted by Sharon Hodgson MP


About No Cuts For Kids

No Cuts For Kids wants to ensure that Sure Start Children's Centres continue to serve all our children.
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