Because every child matters

Today our appeal to David Cameron, as a father, is published in the Observer.

Parents from around the country, already hard-pushed for time, are devoting their lives to taking on their councils. Some, as in Derby, Camden and Corby seem to have cause for hope.

Some, like those in Hampshire have been brutally knocked back after an incessant, costly fight.

Others, like those in Sheffield Manchester and Birmingham face a protracted period of consultation, meetings, letters, demonstrations and compromise.

There are more and more campaign groups forming, and daily challenges to local councils. In Stoke, campaigners already have 6,500 signatures to their ‘save our centres’ petition and 5,000 against 30% cuts to staff and services. And on Mother’s Day we represented 52,000 people from around the country – including Liverpool, Kirklees and Hammersmith and Fulham.

As the cuts hit, and the effects on our children and communities are felt, we only fight harder and with more certainty. The inspiring, indomitable mums and dads who are campaigning ferociously deserve due recognition. The cost to them is huge, not just in terms of money.

But none of them stop. Why? Because they are protecting their children. We ask David Cameron and Sarah Teather to do the same.


About No Cuts For Kids

No Cuts For Kids wants to ensure that Sure Start Children's Centres continue to serve all our children.
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